Premium Gifting for Every Season & Reason: 3 Tips to Get it Right

Premium Gifting for Every Season & Reason: 3 Tips to Get it Right

Who doesn’t love a gift every once in a while? We all do! Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, or an anniversary, a gift that spells ‘you matter’ makes all the difference. But it’s not just personal gifts that uplift. Corporate gifts have the same effect too, even more so when they are personalised. Does that leave you wondering what you can gift your friends, family, colleagues, employees, clients or associates? We have just the right answers for you; aesthetic gifts for every season and reason. 

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 Gifting is a tradition that’s as old as the mountains. It’s like a piece of art that leaves an impression and expresses love, gratitude, and appreciation. But finding the perfect gift is not always easy. Here are three tips that could quite possibly help you traverse the gifting maze.

  • Gift a Piece of Heritage
  • Imagine an artefact that’s inspired by India’s rich and historical architectural styles and is yet suited for a contemporary lifestyle. We’re talking about Atah’s Deepaloka. Inspired by the majestic wooden pillars of Pune’s Vishrambaug Wada, the Deepaloka is as bespoke as it gets. It’s an ode to brass oil lamps of bygone times. Finely crafted in porcelain and wood, it bears a delicate hem of gold that adds to its grace and elegance. What’s more, it comes encased in a beautiful gift box, complete with a pack of cotton wicks and a bottle of soot-free oil. It’s a timeless piece indeed! 

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  • Make it an Artisanal Gift  
  • There’s something incredibly special about artisanal artefacts. For one, their batch size - small most of the time, which means these gifts are unique. Second, they are often reminiscent of a piece of cultural heritage, making them even more desirable. Imagine a corporate diwali gift that is steeped in history and culture, or a wedding souvenir that leaves a lasting impression…your gift will certainly be the talk of town. Atah can help you find that perfect gift! An exquisite set of finely-crafted porcelain diyas, a porcelain oil lamp, or perhaps, a deck of ornate playing cards? There’s a little something for everyone!

  • Customise Your Gift
  • Nothing spells style as much as a customised gift! Whether it’s a corporate gift for business associates, employees or clients, or a personal one in commemoration of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries  and other intimate occasions, make sure every gift counts and you make every celebration priceless. Branded gifts with a company logo or family monogram are always a great idea. So the next time you’re on the lookout for premium corporate gifts or perhaps, exclusive wedding gift ideas, remember, customisation makes a world of a difference! Take it one step further, add in a personalised note to the recipient…you can thank us later for this tip!


    At Atah, we help you find gifts that make festivities even more special, brighter and joyful. Avail of our customised gifting services. Whatever the size and nature of your order, we’ll assist you every step of the way, from choosing the right gift, customising it with your company logo or personal monogram. What’s more…we’ll even offer you a special price for bulk orders.

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