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3 Wedding Favours to Make Your Big Day More Memorable

Weddings are incredibly special moments and naturally, so should be your wedding gifts and favours. That’s where Atah steps in - to make your wedding celebrations more memorable for everyone, with customised wedding gifts and wedding favours. 

Read on, and discover the fine art of wedding gifting, with Atah’s incredibly unique wedding gifts and favours! 

 Whatever the occasion; mehndi rituals, pre-wedding ceremonies, cocktail parties, the big day itself or perhaps a landmark wedding anniversary, picking the perfect favours and gifts is important. It’s always a good idea to choose products that are culturally relevant, yet contemporary and co-exist in harmony with global sensibilities. We have just the right kind of recommendations that your friends and family are sure to love!

  • Deepaloka
  • An elegant oil lamp, finely crafted in porcelain and wood, the Deepaloka makes for a sublime wedding gift. It is an ode to the traditional brass oil lamp of yore, yet gloriously contemporary such that it complements living spaces effortlessly. The Deepaloka’s delicate hem of gold adds to its grace and elegance, making it a unique gift. What’s more, it comes encased in a self-contained beautiful gift box, complete with a pack of cotton wicks and a bottle of soot-free oil. Add a personal touch and create a lasting impression by custom branding the packaging with your name/logo or family monogram!

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  • Neyadeep  
  • A celebratory set of exquisitely crafted porcelain diyas, Neyadeep is an ode to India’s vibrant visual vocabulary. Crafted in fine porcelain, embellished with beautiful Indian motifs and a delicate hem of gold, Neyadeep is a modern expression of the traditional diya. Neyadeep is available in two varieties - a set of four diyas encased in a self-contained, beautiful gift box, complete with a bottle of soot-free oil and cotton wicks, as well as a set of two diyas, in a smaller box. Our recommendation? The gift box of four diyas, because it’s thoughtfully designed and allows you to custom brand the packaging with your name/logo or family monogram!

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  • Rajaka
  • An exquisite deck of circular playing cards, Rajaka is adorned with delightful motifs that celebrate Mughal art and architectural styles. It brings alive the grandeur of ornate Ganjifa cards that the kings and courtiers of yore, commissioned. A beautiful adaptation of the ancient Dashavatara Ganjifa to the more contemporary and familiar French suit, Rajaka is embellished with ornate designs that are typically associated with each suit, thus adding to the players’ delight. We highly recommend that you gift your friends and family, this majestic set of playing cards!

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    At Atah, we help you find gifts and favours that make your celebrations as memorable as they should be, brighter and more joyful. Avail of our customised gifting services. Whatever the size and nature of your order, we’ll assist you every step of the way, from choosing the right gift to customising it with your name/logo or family monogram! Get in touch with us for personalised wedding gift ideas and bulk orders. 

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